Traits & Passions

Character traits can be used in conflicting situations. They also define the character, and what he is known for.
Critical success at a trait roll grants an Experience check to that trait and the character must act strongly in accordance of the trait.
The character also gains a +5 modifier to one skill of choice, lasting as long as the situation that provoked the roll.
If a trait is of value 16 or more, the character may be forced to test his passion with a roll in a conflicting situation.
Otherwise, it is usually left to the player if he wishes to test his trait.
A player may choose to ignore a normal success, but he then gains a check to the opposing trait.

The character can sometimes make a Passion roll when the situation at hand permits it. The character makes a Passion roll and compares the result to the following:
Critical success: Character is inspired - he chooses any one skill and gains a +20 modifier to it for the length of the task (one full day at most). He also gains 1 point and an experience check in the Passion.
Success: Character is inspired as above, receiving a +10 bonus. He gains an experience check in the Passion.

  • Note: If the character fails to perform the deed for which he was inspired, he suffers a shock, making a roll on the Statistics Lost table.

Failure: Character is disheartened, receiving -5 modifier on all rolls during the situation in which the disheartening occurred. He usually loses 1 point in the Passion. He then becomes Melancholic, a state from which he might be cured if someone forces him to an opposing trait roll and he wins (or loses) in an appropriate way.
Fumble: Character is maddened - he immediately loses 1 point in the Passion and wanders off, returning some months later with hazy memories of the time he was away.

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