Important places:

The largest city in Salisbury, Sarum is heavily fortified and home to the Earl. The city is shaped in a ring form, with several ramparts and ditches surrounding it. A quarter of the city is dedicated to church buildings, among which is a magnificent cathedral of Saint Mary, the Mother of God. In the middle of the city stands Sarum Castle which serves as the Earl of Salisbury's home. Sarum serves as the center of trade for the entire county. The Sarum castle was fortified with stone walls in 497, funded by the Salisbury Knights.

It is rumored that Stonehenge was built by giants in ancient times, dedicated to the sun, stars and ancestors. It was here where the treacherous king Vortigern betrayed the nobles of Britain to Saxons. Recently, the Stonehenge has been refurbished by Merlin. The stone circle also serves as the burial site for the Pendragon family, holding Aurelius Ambrosius, the first Pendragon, his brother Uther, and Uther's son Madoc.

Important people

All stats are as of 485, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Your lord's family

  • Countess Ellen
    • Countess Ellen is a daughter of the Count of Silchester, which made her very rich and wanted woman many years ago. One of the most important suitors was Sir Blains, but in the end she married Sir Roderick.
  • Robert
    • Robert is the first son of Sir Roderick, born in 492.
  • Lady Jenna
    • Lady Jenna was born in 475, and married to Sir Pellogres in 494. She became a widow a year later in the feast of St. Albans.

The Knights

  • Sir Elad (Glory 4,189)
    • Sir Elad is the Marshall of the county and the castellan of Vagon, where squires are regularly trained.
  • Sir Amig of Tilshead (Glory 3,234)
    • Sir Amig is a grizzly veteran and a trainer of many squires, covered in scars and walks with a limp.
  • Sir Hywen (Glory 2,457)
    • Sir Hywen is the Banneret Knight of West Lavington. His wife has died and he doesn't want to remarry, which means that his daughter, born in 480, will inherit his lands.
  • Sir Lycus (Glory 1, 900)
    • Sir Lycus is a pragmatic warmachine, a typical knight of his time.
  • Sir Bar (Glory 1,841)
    • Sir Bar is a burly warrior who changes his opinion to fit with the majority.
  • Sir Leo (Glory 1,406)
    • Sir Leo tries to uphold what is good and right in the chaotic violence that defines the times.


  • Sir Jaradan (died in 491)
    • Sir Jaradan the Young, the best swordsman of the county, was slain in a duel with sir the veteran knight Pellogres of Broughton.
  • Earl Roderick (died in 495)
    • Sir Roderick is a famed warrior who has fought under King Uther's command many times. He holds a grudge with Sir Blains, the Steward of Levcomagus, who competed with him for Lady Ellen's hand when they were young. He was slain in the battle of St. Albans in 495.
  • Lady Adwen (APP 18)
    • The daughter of battle-slain Sir Bles. She was young, beautiful and inherited 6 manors, of which 4 hold vassal knights. She was married to Sir Morris in 495, but died in childbirth in 497.

Eligible ladies

  • Lady Elaine (APP 18)
    • Lady Elaine lost her husband and her lover when they dueled to the death over her. She is thought of as being unfaithful, but has considerable holdings of 4 manors.
  • Lady Gwiona (APP 16)
    • Gwiona has lost four suitors in war, but everyone assures that she isn't really jinxed. She has inherited 2 manors from his deceased father.
  • Lady Indeg (APP 12)
    • Lady Indeg is the richest unmarried woman in the county. She is a two-time widow and is free to choose her husband. She is in her forties and would be interested in having a young and energetic husband. She holds 5 manors and grants a 2£/year of extra income.
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