Paganism is the native religion of Britain and still practiced by many. The fall of the Roman hold over Britain in 400 A.D. revived many old cults. When examined closely, Paganism is revealed to consist of several differing practices and attitudes, but some aspects seem to unite the religion.

  • Paganism believes in several immortal spirits, of sometimes godlike nature, who inhabit all of nature, and are the source of life and consciousness.
  • Paganism believes in going to the Other Side after death, and druids still teach that souls can manifest in reincarnations back onto our side.
  • Oral tradition is the founding base of Paganism, the written word and strict authorities are shunned.
  • The acknowledgment of human limitations, especially concerning the "Truth", is important.
  • The shaman is the intermediate between this world and the Other Side.
  • Druid philosophy is mainly concerned with balance between two opposing and complementing forces (day/night, light/darkness, masculine/feminine, earth/sky, here/otherwere).
  • Everything happens in cycles.
  • Paganism, unlike Heathenism, is not amoral; the concepts of good and evil are very much present in Paganism.
  • Paganism is often associated with magical powers.
  • Paganism is a polyvalent religion. It has imported many beliefs and deities of previous and even foreign religions.


  • The Dragon, which consists of ancient daemons and spirits, is the source of the Old Powers.
  • The Faerie are magical beings who descended from the Old Powers. They lived on the land, reading the wisdom of the universe from the stars. They recorded their wisdom in the earth with great stones.
  • People were born and slew the Dragon, separating the world and the Other Side, where most of the Faeries retreated. Some remain to this day.

Pagan Deities
Although the worship of Pagan deities varies greatly, here are some examples of Paganic gods.

  • Beli Lugh (a.k.a. Belenos, Lug, Llud, Nudd, Llyr) - the god of fire, sun and heaven, he rules over a world called the Land of Youth, ruling over the Gods of Light. He is identified with the thunderbolt and often intervenes other gods in favor of the living. He is worshiped as a god of life and death.
  • Bran (a.k.a. Pwyll, Urbgen) - the Lord of the Underworld, the keeper of the power of Life. He rules the Land of the Dead under the Western Sea, and is worshiped as a god of life and death.
  • Math (a.k.a. Esus) - the keeper of the starry night, he is the god of Wisdom and the source of much druidic knowledge, speaking his secrets to astronomers and herdsmen.
  • Don (a.k.a. Modron, Anna, Brigid, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, Epona, Gaia) - she is the First Goddess, having hold over many aspects, such as Mother (Modron & Anna), Fire and Poetry (Brigid), Moon (Arianrhod), Horses (Epona), Sovereignty (Rhiannon) and Earth (Don or Gaia). She represents both the wife and the mother.
  • Cerridwen (a.k.a. Morgaine) - the Dark Goddess holds the cauldron of inspiration, life and rebirth. She lives under the earth and in dark waters, seeking young heroes to test.
  • Blodeuwedd (a.k.a. Creudylad) - the Maiden and Young Goddess of Springtime brings new life to the world. She is the goddess of flowers, often called Wife or Bride. She is sometimes associated with temptation and treachery.
  • Llew (a.k.a. Owain, Angeus, Pryderi, Gwythur, Mabon) - he is the god who comes again, a warrior of light who is resurrected, arising from the darkness, rescues the flower goddess and begins the season of Plenty. He is called the Sleeping Hero, associated with a lion.
  • Gwynn (a.k.a. Gronw Pebyr, Meligraunce) - the Dark God terrifies men, abducts the Goddess, enchants the Light God and brings winter. He is the wild hunter, whose hounds can be heard in the wilderness.
  • Mannanan (a.k.a. Manawyddin) - he rules over the Irish Sea and the magical land underneath. Of special interest to him is the Isle of Mann, the home of the Manx cat, the cat without tail.
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