Sometimes, faerie lords kidnap human children and replace them with changelings. Usually they take a newborn child, but can take any defenseless youngling. The faerie raise the child as their own in their world, while the changeling, who is both ugly and vile of character, is left in the real world. Some control over the changeling may be gained by providing comfort and care for it.

The creature and the child have a bond, meaning that if some harm comes to the changeling, the true child is also hurt. The changeling also ages at a very rapid rate, similar to the time the real child has spent in the faerie world.

The only way to retrieve the child is to seek out the son, usually dwelling with the Faerie lord, and get him and the changeling to meet.


On their hunting trips, the Knights have encountered many fabulous creatures.

Originally from the far away lands of India, few such huge beasts have been spotted in Britain. Usually they reside in the mountains, but occasionally travel further to hunt for human flesh. They have glowing red eyes and three rows of teeth, and a tail of a scorpion. They can be identified by their voice, which resembles the hissing of a flute.

Sir Plaine of Tisbury encountered and singlehandedly bested a manticore while hunting in 493.

Residing deep in the woods, this hoofed animal resembles a mixture between a horse and a buffalo. It has a pair of great horns, which it can control, both separately or in unison, by will.

Sir Pedivere of Broughton was gored and killed by a Yale in 497. Sir Morris of Stapleford, who had encountered the creature before, arrived on the scene and bested the creature.

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