494 - Embassy in Estregales

King Uther himself being ill, he sent forth his knights to do his work. The Salisbury knights were sent to Estregales, where they were to deliver Uther's letter to strong king Canan in Pembroke, with whom Uther was seeking alliance. The king had duties of his own, however, and the knights were received by the king's steward, Sir Orcas, who arranged entertainment for the week.

First the knights went on a hunting competition, and it would have been an uneventful one if not for Sir Pellogres, who went mad upon the sight of a boar and strode full speed into the forest, not to be seen until autumn. The remaining knights, Sir Morris and Sir Plaine had some difficulty explaining the behaviour of their companion, but continued on the mission themselves nonetheless, composing a mighty ballad of song and dance for the feast. Sir Morris also made some name for himself, Logres and Salisbury, by winning a local chieftain in a riding competition and a jousting tourney.

After the tourney, celebrations were in order, and sir Orcas told that the king was ready to meet the knights. He had read the letter from Uther and was ready to announce his decision over some feasting. His son, a young prince, offered him a goblet of wine, which the king drank in one swift movement, and rose up from his table to make his announcement. Before getting a word out, he gasped for air as if choking as his face and eyes turned red, and soon he fell over dead.

Many accused the young prince outright of treason, but Sir Morris had noticed that it was Sir Orcas who had handed the goblet to the prince. The knight stood up and voiced the truth, challenging Sir Orcas to a duel. Sir Morris felt that his honor was true and in one, quick strike, fell the steward, who was quickly taken into custody. Some doubts remained whether or not the prince should rise to the throne outright, but the knights deed was done and they returned to Salisbury. At the very least Uther had not gained a new enemy from Estregales.

In the autumn Sir Pellogres returned to Salisbury, speaking little of where he was. He met with Earl Roderick, announcing that he was now ready to convert to British Christianity, and the Earl in turn offered the hand of his daughter Jenna in marriage to the bold knight. The wedding took place during winter court, being a lavish celebration where Sir Pellogres made some name for himself among the nobility. Lady Jenna was not much seen.

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