490 - The Battle of Lindsey

The year was defined by the great offensive against the Saxons. An enormous battle was fought in Lindsey, where Uther's knights met with the troops of the two Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa. The battle was the largest where the Salisbury knights had participated, and they proved themselves on the fields of valor. Since the Saxons had nearly no mounted troops, the British knights were far superior in combat to them, even if outnumbered.

At one point, Duke Gorlois charged through all the slaughter and stroke the giant warrior Eosa to the ground. This inspired many of the British knights to try similar feats, and just as well, sirs Pellogres and Morris stormed to the enemy banner and captured it, fighting through elite enemy troops. This dealt a serious blow to enemy morale, and their remaining numbers quickly routed.

The victory feast was grand and lavish. At one point Duke Gorlois' wife, lady Ygraine, performed a song for the nobility, mesmerizing all who were present, perhaps most notably King Uther.

For the remainder of the summer sir Morris joined Uther's progress, witnessing the king traveling around the country and meeting with local lords and kings, who all were mightily impressed with the Excalibur. Knights Plaine and Pellogres joined prince Madoc in raiding the Saxon countryside until autumn.

At Christmas court sir Pellogres witnessed sir Jaradan with lady Jenna in the winter garden, and promptly challenged the Sword Champion to a duel to first blood, which sir Pellogres just as promptly lost, vowing to return the following year.

Stapleford manor had a cause to rejoice, as sir Morris had another son with his wife Deanna, whom he named Bono.

The knights heard that Uther had taken Duke Gorlois as his honored guest, even against the Duke's own will, and that the Duke had escaped during the winter with his wife, killing some of Uther's own guards in the process.

Uther was furious.

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