487 - Embassies and Raidings

King Uther had travelled to Sarum with Prince Madoc during Christmas of 486 to hold his court there. Special discussion topics were the invasion of Frankland and visiting the Duke of Lindsay to hold him in line.

As befits a king, Uther ordered a great feast in honour of Christmas time. All the lords presented the king with great gifts, and Uther did likewise for the present nobility, even handing fistfuls of silver to the ordinary knights. After the gift-giving, the tables were being cleared for the feast to begin, when Merlin suddenly showed up. He presented Uther with a magnificent, gleaming sword, claiming it was "for the High King".

The sword was Excalibur, the Sword of Victory. King Uther was highly pleased upon receiving the sword, claiming that no one could stand in his way. Merlin reminded him that in order to be of worthy of the Excalibur, all he needed to do was to remain just.

Merlin then commended Sirs Plaine, Pellogres and Morris for their help in obtaining the sword. Sir Plaine recitated the high tale of the adventure in Sword Lake, and everyone present were impressed.

After the feasting, Earl Roderick presented the Knights with a choice. They could follow the King on a diplomacy mission to Lindsey, or join Prince Madoc in naval raids against the Saxons in the east. The knights were split on the matter, with sirs Morris and Plaine riding with the king and Pellogres joining Madoc's forces.

Lindsey Embassy

Come springtime, Morris and Plaine rode with the king to Lincoln to meet with the Duke of Lindsey, who was not present upon arrival. Spending a week there, the knights mingled with the locals while the higher nobility went on a hunt. Duke Lindsey arrived and held a plentiful feast, but the tension between Uther and the Duke was evident. The king ordered Morris and Plaine to orate their tale of the Adventure of the Sword Lake, which they did. Merlin continued with bravado about the sword, and when Uther revealed the Excalibur, winning Duke Lindsey on his side.

The king stayed in Lincoln for the summer and sent delegates to nearby cities and kingdoms, offering invitations to them. Sirs Plaine and Morris were sent to Eburacum to parlay with King Malahaut.

Eburacum was an ancient city, established during the reign of King David and serving as a legionary fortress during Roman times. Now, the city was split into the Old city and the Royal city, into which only local nobility was allowed.

The Knights were told to wait for the King who was fighting Saxons in the east, and they were offered accommodation in the Old city. They tried to preach Christianity to the locals with a tale of Merlin and the Excalibur, but it was quite ill-received, making the Knights quite unpopular. Sir Plaine was even challenged to a duel, but he quickly wounded his foe, and taught him a lesson of Mercy by stopping fighting and tending to his wounds instead of finishing him.

The King arrived in late summer gave a cold reception to the Knights, dismissing them almost immediately and making ambiguous statements about visiting Uther. Autumn descended upon Britain, as the Knights rode to Lincoln, where they saw the unconscious body of recuperating Sir Pellogres, who they escorted back home with their squires. The leaves were falling and the flowers dying around them as they travelled, making the journey to Salisbury a cold one.

Naval raids

During spring, Sir Pellogres rode to the meeting point at the mouth of River Test to join Madoc on the raidings. Admiral Gwenwynwyn, son of Naf, inspected the hundred knights who were present. The Prince gave orders to the knights and they were off to raid five targets on the shores of Britain.

The ships landed in Pevensy and Dover, surprising the Saxons on both times and burning their ships to the ground. Sir Pellogres distinguished himself twice again in the battles. The ships then sailed up Blackwater River and landed on Maldon, burning the ships there, but were intercepted by Saxon ships. In the ensuing naval engagement sir Pellogres was wounded, but continued on fighting and helped defeat the Saxons.

The fleet rested in Yarmouth and received reinforcements, sailing then to Lindsey, where they met again with Saxon ships in the waters of the Wash. Sir Pellogres was seriously injured in the battle, falling unconscious in the heat of it. His squire stepped in to defend his master and lost his life. The ships then sailed to Lindsey, where Sir Pellogres was tended to

Later year - tension rises between sirs Plaine and Morris

The year was a dour one, with almost everyone receiving horrendous crops and nearly starving. Sir Plaine used his assets of wealth to save his family from the worst, and sir Pellogres donated 1£ worth of food to newly-wed sir Morris, but the effects of nature were still felt by everyone.

During Christmas court, sir Morris was wed to beautiful Lady Deanna, a noble lady with a manor of her own. Before this, however, he tried to flirt once again with Lady Harriet, the wife of sir Plaine. Sir Plaine declared that if this behavior would continue, they would either meet in a duel within a year, or he would kill sir Plaine.

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