485 - Mearcred Creek

The knights took part in the battle of Mearcred Creek in the early summer against the Saxons.
Sir Pellogres fought fiercely with his sword, cutting down enemies left and right despite falling off his horse twice.
Sir Plaine fought valiantly, trying to rally troops to his side, but could not muster enough presence amidst the chaos of the battlefield.
At the end of the battle, Sir Pellogres rallied fellow knights with his squire Morris and charged with Sir Plaine for the remaining enemy concentration, creating a big enough diversion for the king to withdraw with his troops.
The battle ended as inconclusive for both sides.

Squire Morris arranged a hunting competition in the summer, during which Sir Pellogres was seriously wounded and had to spend the rest of the year recuperating in his manor. Sir Morris was decided the winner of the hunt.

Sir Roderick had arranged a marriage for Sir Plaine, who married Harriet, a beautiful maiden of 18 years and two manors.

In the winter, just after recovering from his wounds, Sir Pellogres disappeared for days, finally returning with a young baby boy he said to be his son, Jafar.

During Christmas court King Uther was in a foul mood because of the Saxon threat. Sir Morris was knighted for his valiant accomplishments during the battle of Mearcred Creek and was succesful in making the Leap afterwards, a feat that Pellogres and Plaine could not accomplish.

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